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How to Find the Best Movers For Your Relocation

Moving locally or interstate can be a stressful process. If you’re looking for the best removalists for your valuable belongings, here’s how to go about it.

Moving locally or interstate can be a stressful process, never mind worrying about your belongings arriving broken or with a surprise bill included. 

Taking the extra time to assess different moving companies in your area can make all the difference, and save a bunch of hassle.

If you’re looking for the best removalists for your valuable belongings, here’s how to go about it.

1. Ask for other people’s recommendations and experiences with particular furniture removalists.

Ask friends and family if they can recommend any removalist services. If you have a real estate agent, you can ask them for a referral. 

Once you have a list of professional movers to work with, you want to go through their recent reviews to ensure their customers were satisfied with their removal services. This will provide assurance that they will provide great service when moving your belongings.

Many professional movers will have customer testimonials on their website, but because they have complete control over which reviews they choose to publish, it can be helpful to also check the reviews they have on Facebook and Google. This will offer a more balanced and unbiased overview.

It’s best if furniture removalists have mostly good reviews. Be on the lookout for red flags like being unprofessional, poor customer service, reports of breakages or damaged goods, or undiscussed price increases and additional costs. 


2. Find out about the moving services they offer.

Moving services include collecting furniture and other belongings and delivering them safely. If you don’t need anything more than that, finding good local removalists shouldn’t be very hard. 

But, some removalists’ services are extensive in order to make for a hassle-free relocation. These professional removalists conveniently provide all the required services from one place.

A useful service from a moving company is packing and unpacking. This can be useful if you’ve got a lot on your plate and a big, stressful move. Home removalists who provide this service have well-trained professional packers that wrap up all your fragile items so that everything can be transported and reach your new home safely. The packers will pack the boxes effectively to save time and space. 

Some companies even provide packing boxes and will charge you for as many as you require. Moving doesn’t have to be a difficult process if you can find the shortcuts.

If the new location you’re moving to is smaller, or if you’re moving interstate, some removalists offer storage solutions. They come to collect your belongings that need to be stored, and secure them in the warehouse until it’s time for your goods to be delivered.

It’s most convenient when one removalist company offers all the services that you need. It makes the logistics process simpler and more straightforward.

3. Enquire about the pricing of local and interstate removals.

The best movers provide upfront pricing. Be wary of those who don’t offer breakdowns and explanations when you make an enquiry.

You have a right to know exactly what is included in the price. You also want assurance that there will be no add-ons that result in additional, unexpected charges. 

Ask which of the furniture removalists’ services are included in their quote. Some things may not be specified but are charged extra, such as:

  • Moving a home that has more than 3 bedrooms,
  • A move scheduled on a weekend or public holiday, 
  • An upstairs apartment,
  • Large or speciality items such as a piano or pool table,
  • Insurance,
  • Fuel, and
  • Tolls.

Consider the furniture removals quote carefully and don’t hesitate to ask questions. Cheap removalists will generally only quote the bare minimum, so any extra services they provide will create an additional cost. 

In order to review the quote before you agree to the services, it’s best to pick a removalist that provides the moving cost breakdown via a free quote, with no obligations attached. You want to have the opportunity to think about your options without feeling pressured to accept a quote. 

Less expensive quotes can sometimes indicate a lack of professionalism and dedication on the part of the removals team. The team may be less likely to provide excellent service or go the extra mile because they are paid less.

ABC Removals team in front of van

4. Do they have adequate certification and insurance?

The best movers will all be certified by the Australian Furniture Removers Association (AFRA).

Being certified by AFRA is important because it holds removalists to a higher level of professionalism.  To eliminate any potential risks, AFRA ensures that all moves are carried out in accordance with safety regulations. 

A moving service that’s AFRA accredited is vetted, so you know that they are sure to have the following:

  • Professionally trained staff,
  • The correct equipment, and
  • Moving trucks that are up to standard.

Experienced and qualified removalists can be worth the extra money. A professional team can easily navigate bulky items through narrow doorways or steep flights of stairs. Professional removalists are less likely to damage furniture, walls, and door frames. 

Before hiring a removalist, make sure to ask about their insurance policy. Don’t be shy to enquire about their procedures should anything go pear-shaped. Take the time to double-check that the removalist company is properly insured and that the cost is included in the quote.

Key Takeaways

At the end of the day, the best movers are those who meet all your needs. 

ABC Removalists service will ensure your peace of mind during the entire process of your move.

Our local and interstate removalists come with many referrals and positive reviews. Our quality work from professional and careful movers will make the move to your new house stress-free.

Our quotes are free, all-inclusive, and have no hidden charges. We are proud to be one of the best moving companies in Sydney.

Contact us today for moving solutions for your relocation, and we’ll tailor a plan suited to your personal needs.

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