BoxES & Crates

Box Policy

Boxes are available to ABC removalists customers who pay $50 for the delivery/pick up fee for a period of a week.  The box entitlement is as follows:
25cbm truck – 30 boxes
30 cbm truck – 40 boxes
45 cbm truck – 80 boxes
After the first week, if additional rental weeks are required the fee is $2 per box per week.  Box deliveries and pick ups are on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. Deliveries can be any time between 7am and 5pm. A more exact time frame will be arranged the day prior but it is the buyer’s responsibility to ensure someone is available to receive boxes all day on the requested delivery day.
The customer must reimburse any damaged or missing boxes at $33 per box. The $50 fee includes 1 delivery and 1 pick up only. Any additional pick ups and deliveries will incur a $40 fee.
If you wish to hire boxes only please go to our parent company’s box hire page: Box Hire  

Do you need boxes for a longer term?

Buy our cardboard boxes instead.
Delivery & pick up $40 each way.


Book Wine Box $4.40

40cm x 30cm x 43cm Ideal for small heavy items such as books and glassware

Tea Chest Box $5.50

43cm x 41cm x 60cm A tall box for bulky large items such as bed linen and toys


Port-a-robe Box $22

60cm x 48cm x 60cm A metal rail and the opening makes this perfect for hanging clothes!

We take the payment by card for the first week of box hire.  Any additional weeks will be charged on to the same card at 2 % surcharge.

If you want to pay by EFT, an invoice can be issued however, all weeks of hire must be paid in advance. 

  • Customers can have the boxes delivered at a chosen time, as long as it is convenient for ABC Removalists.
  • After the delivery, the boxes are available to rent on a weekly basis.
  • Our free plastic moving box offer allows you to have the use of our boxes for free for one week (if ordering 60 or more crates). After one week ends boxes are available to rent on a weekly basis. We will deliver our plastic moving boxes prior to your move. Please contact us if you have any questions regarding the following information. The first week free offer is valid only if you are booking a move for 3 or more bedrooms.
  • Bookings must be made 7 days in advance to qualify for free box promotion.
  • Boxes will be delivered as a package, any additional deliveries may be charged.
  • After speaking with the customer, ABC Removalists will try and determine the appropriate number of boxes needed. Fees may apply to customers requesting the incorrect amount of boxes and requiring additional deliveries.
  • Boxes are at a limited supply, meaning this offer is subject to the availability of boxes and delivery times.
  • The offer of Free delivery and collection of boxes is subject to the customer being available at an appropriate time suitable to ABC Removalists Sydney. Delivery or Collection charges may apply for customers needing specific delivery times or to those who reside outside of the 25km radius to the Sydney CBD
  • Fees apply (based on Pick up location) to customers who arrange a collection of boxes but do not have all boxes available and present when
    the ABC removalists team arrive to collect.
  • It is the customer’s responsibility to make sure that boxes are returned undamaged. If a box is damaged the replacement fee of $33 applies for
    each box.