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How Much Do Removalists Cost?

removalists costs
Having an idea of removalists’ costs can make planning your big move much easier and save money, especially when you’ve never done it before or last moved decades ago.

You need to find the right balance between getting a quick quote that may be too vague and not being tailored to your needs with meticulous and time-consuming planning (such as needing packing supplies and cardboard boxes), and adding more manpower for extra precious or heavy cargo like antiques or a piano. 

Read on to find out some of the most important things to factor when moving house or office, and approximate prices you can expect on the local market.

removalists costs

What Are Standard Costs for Removalists?

Some companies charge a flat fee for a minimum amount of hours for a local move, which could be around $400 for three hours. Then, they charge additionally for every hour or half-hour thereafter. 

Added to this will be the call-out fee for your location. This means, once they arrive to collect your goods at the base site, the call-out fee will begin. It generally covers loading time, the travel time from the base to the delivery site, and unloading time. 

Other removalists charge the loading, transport and unloading all in one cost, so the estimated total cost will depend on how far the destination is. The average price for a 3-bedroom is $800. 

This is a good option if you have narrow doorways, sharp corners and difficult stairs to navigate. Getting a fridge or a large sofa out of a small apartment can be time consuming, so in this case it’s wiser not to pay per hour.


Average Cost









When calculating your total removal costs, enquire what the removal costs are for carefully wrapping furniture and electronics, as well as assembling and disassembling furniture. The average price is around $125, but some companies factor it into their flat-rate.

Also, check up on whether the removalist prices include fuel and tolls, so you won’t get any surprises added to your bill and increase your moving costs. 

Lastly, you want to be sure that the removalist company has public liability insurance that covers the goods while they’re in transit.

What Is the Cost of an Interstate Removalist?

Whether it’s a complex or basic removal job, moving interstate or to regional New South Wales, companies might not charge the normal or average removal costs. 

A fixed quote can save you money on moving costs because you won’t pay per hour and lose money if there’s traffic. The removalist costs for interstate removal can vary from $250 to $900.

Check with the company’s information service how long it will take – professional movers should have your belongings to you the next day, within 24 hours guaranteed.

removalists costs

How Much Does an Office Removalist Cost?

To make moves between different companies and offices as hassle-free as possible, you should extensively discuss requirements and logistics, parking and delivery, packing and unpacking – all to be as undisruptive to employees as possible.

For the quoting process to be accurate, an online office removals form should be completed and used to calculate your removal costs based on the volume of chairs, tables and other large furniture that need to be moved, how many removalists will be needed, and the distance.

If you have a small office of only five people or less, most companies will charge the same rate as a one-bedroom apartment and use two movers, at an average rate of $125 per hour.

What removal companies include in the price will vary depending on the company, so enquire whether you’ll be charged extra for assembling and disassembling workstations and other furniture and wrapping office equipment and computers.

What Extra Services Are Offered?

To make your interstate or local move as stress-free as possible, most removalists offer additional services.

Packing Services

Packing services can be arranged for your convenience. How many movers and packers you require will be dependent on all your belongings, but generally, most people stick with the standard two removalists at $125 per hour and pay for more as needed.

Packing Materials

Some companies’ moving costs include packing materials such as their own boxes, butcher’s paper, packaging tape and bubble wrap. Other companies charge an additional amount averaging at $100 for packing materials. 

At ABC Removalists, if you pay your deposit one week before your moving date, you can cut removal costs by not having to buy your own packing materials. During that week, you may use our boxes for free and this deal includes free delivery and pick up of the boxes too.


If your moving job requires storage, most companies offer storage at additional fees. This includes collecting your belongings and packing them on the moving truck and then storing them at their facilities until you’re ready to collect your possessions or have them delivered. The use of a storage facility for one month can be around $120.

Cleaning Services

After removing all your belongings and fragile items from a house or office, some removalists offer cleaning services. This is convenient to add to your total removalist quote, as you won’t have to worry about finding an independent company, do it by yourself or with a few friends.

And, at an average price of $285, it’s generally cheaper than paying for end of lease cleaning costs from a professional company.

removalists costs

Why Choose ABC Removalists?

While there are numerous removal companies in New South Wales, we are a professional moving company that’s family-run and local and have been operating since 2015.

We strive to uphold our family values – friendliness, reliability, trustworthiness and honesty (particularly with our transparent pricing scheme).

We are local removalists who have serviced over 4,000 customers and have been rated 4.8 stars out of five for our removalist jobs.

We charge a standard fee of $390 for three hours from Monday to Thursday, which rolls over to an hourly rate of $130 if you exceed that time. Then, we charge a call-out fee depending on your location.

Office removal costs are calculated similarly, but the cost of moving interstate is charged as a once-off.

Our removalist company offers additional services to make your move easier, such as our packing services, and, to lower your removal costs, we have a free box special

Getting a free quote is a good place to start, so you know what to expect. We provide an obligation-free quote, so you can consider the other removal costs like packing supplies into your budget before saying yes. 

Key Takeaways

The cost of moving to a new property and removal costs can be overwhelming, so having a clear idea of how removal companies calculate the quote can provide customers with a sense of peace of mind.

When you’re moving house or office, you can choose to pay a set price for removals that’s all-inclusive, or you can pay per mover, per hour, and per kilometer.

There are various extras that moving companies offer to make your move easier, such as packers, packing materials, storage and cleaning services. These are also charged per hour or per item, or as a fixed rate package.

There are several factors of your unique move that will influence your removalist cost. So, if you’d like to receive more information on our services offered by our experienced removalists and get an obligation-free and accurate quote, contact us at ABC Removalists today.

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