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The Only Removalist Price Guide You Need for Your Next Move

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Moving to a new location can be stressful, whether it’s a one-bedroom apartment or a four-bedroom house. And, the job increases exponentially if you have to do it all yourself. Many people lighten their load by choosing the ease of removal companies to coordinate their local move to combat this. 

Moving costs vary significantly between different companies, and different removalists offer different services. There can be benefits to going with removalists who offer an all-inclusive package so that you do not have to deal with multiple companies. However, this will depend on how much time you have and how much money you can spend.

Market research is crucial as it provides insight into different companies’ services and the average price you will need to pay. But, not everyone has the time to spend all day Googling and comparing prices. Therefore, we have outlined the average price to expect to get an idea of whether you’re being overcharged or if the company is suspiciously cheap.


How Companies Calculate Removalist Prices

The removalist cost differs between companies as there are several different methods of charging for services. Some charge hourly rates while others charge per half-hour. Some removalists charge a fixed price that’s all-inclusive of travel distance and number of bedrooms.

A company bases its hourly removalist cost on the number of bedrooms in your home or apartment since the number of movers needed depends on the number. 

In Sydney, the removalist prices of companies with public liability insurance should be in line with the following:

Size of House

Number of Movers

Average Removalists Cost

1-bedroom apartment


$125 per hour

2-bedroom apartment


$125 per hour

3-bedroom apartment


$175 per hour

3-bedroom house


$245 per hour

4 or more bedroom house


$315 per hour

How Distance Affects the Price

  • If you’re making a local move, the average removalist prices are between $100-$1000. 
  • A more long-distance move of more than 20 kilometres is typically charged at closer to $1000.
  • Moving interstate is usually charged per kilometre rather than according to an hourly rate.


The average removalist cost of moving a three-bedroom house interstate is:



Approximate price


Sunshine Coast

$6,000 – $7,500



$7,150 – $8,825



$2,600 – $3,640


Gold Coast

$3,250 – $4,550



$2,125 – $2,950

What Makes Removalist Prices More Expensive?

The more complex a move is, the longer it will take to move the belongings and furniture. 

There are several things that can complicate a job, including:

  • Lifts
  • Narrow hallways
  • Small doorways
  • Stairs.


Some removal companies charge according to the weight of the objects being moved. Heavy furniture and other bulky items – such as large couches, a piano or a double-door fridge – can be charged an extra fee of between $50-$140. These removalist prices will depend on how much they weigh and how many movers are needed to carry them.

If you want to reduce costs, try not to plan your move for a Sunday or public holiday as many removalists charge extra on those days. A move scheduled during peak traffic congestion will take longer, and the removalists may charge more.

What Additional Removalist Services Are Available?

The baseline of removalist services includes:

  • Disassembling the furniture
  • Carrying furniture and belongings to the moving truck and loading them on the back,
  • Transporting the items safely to the new house
  • Offloading the items off the truck once reaching the new property
  • Delivering the furniture and boxes to the appropriate rooms
  • Reassembling the furniture once more.

At the very least, this is what you can expect from hiring removalists. But, some companies offer various extra services that can come in handy and make your move a lot easier and more stress-free.


Packing and Unpacking Services

Making use of professional packing services can be very convenient and efficient as opposed to packing up your whole house by yourself. Professional packers are meticulously trained to tackle the task meticulously and orderly and will:

  • Wrap up fragile items in bubble wrap so that they’re well protected
  • Label the different packing boxes so that the removalists know which room they belong in
  • Write a list of the items stored in your boxes to find them easily after you move. 

If you use professional packers, unpacking is a simple process regardless of whether you do it yourself or use their unpacking service.

As for the cost, a professional packer is usually around $80 per hour. The amount will increase according to how many packers you need. This might not be financially feasible if you have a small studio apartment and few belongings, as companies sometimes have a minimum time required for their packing solutions.

Storage Services

Sometimes people are put in a position where they have to move out of their current place before their new destination is available. Or, they might be downsizing from a four-bedroom house to a two-bedroom apartment but don’t want to get rid of their belongings just yet.

Some removalists offer storage services for these reasons and assist with short or long-term storage needs:

  • Mobile storage is a convenient option. The removal truck arrives at your location to pick up your goods with the storage unit placed at the back of the truck. 
  • Your furniture and boxes are packed directly into the storage unit, and the truck transports it to the warehouse, where it is removed and stored until you’re ready to retrieve your belongings.
  • When you indicate that you’re ready, the removalists load the mobile storage unit back onto the truck and deliver it to your new location.

Pricing differs according to short or long-term use. Daily rates average $2 per day, and a month of storage can cost around $120.

Packing Materials

Some companies offer packing materials for around $100 on average. 

Packing materials can include: 

  • Bubble wrap
  • Cardboard boxes
  • Butcher’s paper 
  • Packing tape.

For more information on relocations or reliable services to help you make your move, get in touch with our friendly team.

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