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Specialty moves – Pianos, billiard tables, and more

inner west removals
Not all removalists know how to move large and heavy items! If you need to move a piano, pool table, a safe or a potted plant, we can do your job for you.

Our experienced removalists are not only strong, fit and dependable. They have the right tools and equipment to ferry your items around. They also know how to avoid damaging your walls and floor.

Since we have been doing specialty jobs from 2015 to today, we know all the ins and outs of moving specialty items.  For a full list of rates and charges click here.

We know that plants are rather sensitive and must not be stacked on top of each other or be deprived of water and light for too long. Pianos can go out of tune quite easily if they are not moved carefully. Snooker table removal is notoriously difficult to book. You might call many removalists before finding one who will actually do the job.

Snooker table removals

Heavy and large items: Marble, Snooker tables, etc.

When it comes to very heavy items such as marble kitchen islands, concrete tables, safes and billiard tables you need the right team. Inexperienced removalists will offer a quote, show up, find out they can’t do the job and leave the item there. What a waste of time! Avoid disappointment by asking our professional team for a quote.

Pool and billiards tables are very tricky to move. Often the most disassembling there is, is to take the legs off and even then they are very heavy to carry. You may need a team of 4 to 6 men to lift it without causing any damage – which we can offer!

Send us a photo of the item and of your access as well as pick up and delivery details. We will propose the right team and offer a fixed quotation. On the day, we will bring the best equipment to transport your items safely. We also offer additional insurance to cover the item.

Over the balcony moves

Some items may not fit in the lift or up the stairs and have to travel over the balcony. We do over the balcony moves for up to 9m with 3 men. If you are fit and able bodied and would like to book 2 men, you can be the third man. However, we highly recommend booking a 3 man over the balcony move with us.
As experts, it will be safer if only men from our team are doing the job. It will also be faster and more cost-effective to hire a 3-man team for your move overall. Hiring 3 men for the move will give you a stress-free experience.

Antiques and musical instruments

When you have valuable antiques and musical instruments, you want the movers to take great care. We bubble wrap precious items such as paintings, sculptures and any antiques that need it. We also stretch wrap musical instruments as well as covering them in furniture pads. Then we strap them on to dolleys to move them as safely as possible.

Looking for a quote to move upright, baby grand or grand pianos? It’s nerve-wracking to think what might happen to your highly valuable instrument in the wrong hands. As piano removals experts, we can definitely do the job!

piano removals

Waste disposal

Customers sometimes overestimate their ability to sell or give away their unwanted furniture and household goods before they move. They often ask the removalists if they will take the items since they don’t want council to fine them or be irresponsible! ABC Removalists will help you dispose of your old furniture.

We can offer a trip to the tip after your move starting from $200. This can even be added to your move last minute in case you were expecting to be able to get rid of your items. Worried about the environmental impact of your waste? We will deliver your unwanted household items to a waste management centre that recycles and specialises in resource recovery.

Rates and charges

The rates and charges for specialty item moves are listed below:

Double door or French door fridges over stairs Potted plants over 2m high and/or weighing over 80kg
Concrete, marble, slate top tables
Over- the-balcony moves (3 men required)
Upright pianos
Baby grand and grand pianos
Heavy equipment, safes

$150 +$30 for every step up +$20 for every step down
Photos of access and item required
Photos of access and item required

Do you have a specialty item that isn’t listed above and you need a quote? Email us at or send a message with the photo and access details to 0498 320 639.

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