Home contents pre-packing and unpacking

Packing and Unpacking Services Sydney

We offer home contents packing and unpacking in Sydney using a professional packing crew! Moving is hard enough, book packers to help you lighten the load. Treat yourself to a completely stress-free move with a full-service including box delivery, packing, moving and unpacking.

When you choose ABC Removalists’ pre-packing services, you will wonder why you’ve never booked professional packers before! Our ladies will wrap your fragile items in butcher paper and bubble wrap. They will pack them into boxes efficiently but with care.  

We also use an organised system with prelabelled boxes and packing lists to make unpacking or simply looking for specific items easier. For an even more luxurious service, ask our ladies to pack and unpack, then you won’t have to lift a thing!

Home contents pre-packing and unpacking

How to Reduce Packing Costs


Pre-packing and unpacking may seem expensive, but most of our customers say it saves time and helps make moving day easier.

One way in which customers save is when they get free moving boxes by choosing our packing and unpacking service. Usually the box hire service costs  start from $99, but we waive these fees as we will collect the boxes on the same day or the next day from packing them.


Other ways in which it cuts down costs is in packing material. When you book a professional packing service with us, we will deliver the packing material without a delivery charge. Our packing material is often under market price compared to Bunnings and other retailers.


When we do the pack and move, we also save customers on their furniture removals fees. As we have packed up the home contents prior to the move, the move is done more efficiently.

Often some of the packers are the same removalists so having prior knowledge of the job helps them on moving day.

To save money on packing itself make sure you are prepared before the packers arrive:

  • Set aside anything you want to pack yourself
  • Set aside all the items for disposal or donation.
  • If you are packing at the same time as the team try to pack in a different space.  If you aren’t packing, it’s best to leave the house especially if you have pets and children that may get in the way of the packers doing their work.

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“Indie and Katrina were amazing! Hardworking, careful and friendly”


“ABC's packers helped me move when I couldn't be there to pack myself”

Because of COVID-19 I wasn’t able to come back to Australia. Indie who packed my things set up a video chat and we were able to talk about what I wanted packed, stored or thrown away. She did such a great job, once I can go back to Australia, I’ll get her to unpack my things too!”

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Full Service Removalists: Packing, Unpacking, Moving, Storage and more

If you move house in Sydney and are considering packing, moving and storage solutions we highly recommend booking a free inspection with us for a fixed price. With such a large job, there may be unexpected costs such as for waste disposal, or simply the hourly rate ballooning.

When the project manager attends your home or office for an inspection he will take an inventory, note access points and take note of all your requirements. He will then work on a logistical plan for your move to make sure we book the right teams and trucks for your needs.

Our removalists are professional movers who disassemble and reassemble furniture, wrap all the large items, and handle difficult items such as pianos, large potted plants, sculptures and more.

If you require storage, he will calculate your volume and offer the right storage unit at our secure storage facility in Marrickville. If it is waste disposal you are after, a fixed tip fee will be provided. We also provide an estimate of time, a fixed total price and the recommended type of team.

For large moves with same day or next day turnaround sometimes a team which combines packers and removalists with a total of 6 to 8 people is best, and we will ensure you have the right team for the job.

We then send you a formal quote with a breakdown of all pricing and you choose which services you want confirmed. Request a fixed quote for peace of mind on moving day.

Call our customer service team on 1300 298 140 to organise your free inspection for a no-obligation quote today.